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Rank Name Raised
139th Chris Olmstead Chris Olmstead $130
139th Kim Colton Kim Colton $130
139th Melissa Toffolon Melissa Toffolon $130
139th Ryan Berniquer Ryan Berniquer $130
143rd Alex Tulin Alex Tulin $125
143rd Colin Climie Colin Climie $125
143rd Janette Trach Janette Trach $125
143rd Pamela Scott Pamela Scott $125
143rd Ray Maher Ray Maher $125
143rd Scott mURPHY Scott mURPHY $125
149th Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $120
149th Ida Picca-Caracristi Ida Picca-Caracristi $120
149th Jason Becker Jason Becker $120
149th Jeff Kiteley Jeff Kiteley $120
149th Jesse Swackhammer Jesse Swackhammer $120
149th Joanne Kusnick Joanne Kusnick $120
149th Lucas Groening Lucas Groening $120
149th Roxanne Curtis Roxanne Curtis $120
149th Tony Di Battista Tony Di Battista $120
151st Terri Craig Terri Craig $35