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Rank Name Raised
197th Megan Colpitts Megan Colpitts $230
197th Michelle Currie Michelle Currie $230
197th Phillip Drew Phillip Drew $230
197th Valerie Audette Valerie Audette $230
198th Ryan Kuran Ryan Kuran $269
201st Nicholas Lachance Nicholas Lachance $225
202nd Caleb Weatherbee Caleb Weatherbee $220
202nd David Studholme David Studholme $220
202nd Kate Dalonzo Kate Dalonzo Kate Dalonzo Kate Dalonzo $220
202nd Mark Bristow Mark Bristow $220
202nd Mike Basse Mike Basse $220
207th Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey $215
208th Melissa McCoy Melissa McCoy $210
209th Timothy Friesen Timothy Friesen $205
210th Adam Butler Adam Butler $200
210th Harold DeVries Harold DeVries $200
210th Jill Gerrits Jill Gerrits $200
210th Karen Corrigan Karen Corrigan $200
210th Marilyn Ruta Marilyn Ruta $200
210th Mark Ehrman Mark Ehrman $200