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Rank Name Raised
N/A Dana Robinson Dana Robinson $0
198th Martin McConnochie Martin McConnochie $98
199th Angie Bradley Angie Bradley $95
199th Jason A. Hughes Jason A. Hughes $95
201st Erin Causer Erin Causer $90
201st Norm Hanley Norm Hanley $90
203rd Colleen Hogan Colleen Hogan $85
203rd Jason Woods Jason Woods $85
203rd Lynn Ogilvie Ellis Lynn Ogilvie Ellis $85
203rd Paul Langendoen Paul Langendoen $85
203rd Tracy Oates Tracy Oates $85
208th Mike Soulliere Mike Soulliere $80
209th Christine White Christine White $75
209th Deirdre-Ann Kane Bird Deirdre-Ann Kane Bird $75
209th Teresa Smith Teresa Smith $75
209th Tina Barton Tina Barton $75
N/A Paul Balsamo Paul Balsamo $0
213th Anne Donald Anne Donald $70
213th Bernice MacNeil Bernice MacNeil $70
213th Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $70