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Rank Name Raised
100th Jay Fedorowich Jay Fedorowich $695
101st Dominic Daguerre Dominic Daguerre $690
102nd Murray Spencer Murray Spencer $675
103rd Dyllan Bretz Dyllan Bretz $670
104th Michelle Asch Michelle Asch $655
105th Ann McDonald Ann McDonald $650
105th Francois Guerin Francois Guerin $650
107th wade Derrick wade Derrick $643
108th Shawn Moreton Shawn Moreton $625
108th Terry Duncan Terry Duncan $625
110th Stan MacNeil Stan MacNeil $615
111th Daniel Reid Daniel Reid $610
111th Michelle White Michelle White $610
113th Gordon Olson Gordon Olson $605
114th Alex Kavalchuk Alex Kavalchuk $600
114th Chris Waterhouse Chris Waterhouse $600
114th Dave Murray Dave Murray $600
114th Justin Standeven Justin Standeven $600
114th Kevin Talaue Kevin Talaue $600
114th Tyler Garcia Tyler Garcia $600