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Rank Name Raised
157th Terry Greathead Terry Greathead $500
179th Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties $486
180th Michelle Mackintosh Michelle Mackintosh $470
180th Ryan Baete Ryan Baete $470
180th Ryan Sabean Ryan Sabean $470
183rd Chris Muldoon Chris Muldoon $465
184th Tanya McCarron Tanya McCarron $455
184th Tasia Gelencser-Smith Tasia Gelencser-Smith $455
186th Barb Yorke Barb Yorke $451
187th Tina Scarlett Tina Scarlett $450
188th Ladine Harley Ladine Harley $445
189th Vanessa Steen Vanessa Steen $435
190th Mike Engeland Mike Engeland $420
191st Ron Singer Ron Singer $415
192nd Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $410
192nd Darryl Toews Darryl Toews $410
192nd Dennis Carlos Dennis Carlos $410
194th Linda Wiebe Linda Wiebe $110
195th cody avitan cody avitan $400
195th Debbie Ferderber Debbie Ferderber $400