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Rank Name Raised
178th Alex Lafreniere Alex Lafreniere $250
178th David Walsh David Walsh $250
178th Doug Shanks Doug Shanks $250
178th Jane Dennis Jane Dennis $250
178th Jon Slater Jon Slater $250
178th Stephanie Dreger Stephanie Dreger $250
178th Tracy Franck Tracy Franck $250
185th Fiona Higgs Fiona Higgs $245
186th Chris Muldoon Chris Muldoon $240
186th Paige Smitiuch Paige Smitiuch $240
186th Rhéaume Rochefort Rhéaume Rochefort $240
189th Mike Levy Mike Levy $239
190th Erasmo Santos Erasmo Santos $235
190th Ivan McQuade Ivan McQuade $235
192nd Norm Hanley Norm Hanley $230
193rd Domenic Perri Domenic Perri $225
193rd John Finley John Finley $225
193rd Laura-Lee Grealy Laura-Lee Grealy $225
193rd Mark Ferguson Mark Ferguson $225
193rd Mary Solomon Mary Solomon $225