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Rank Name Raised
1st Denis Dion Denis Dion $5,051
2nd Kevin Westhead Kevin Westhead $4,205
3rd Jolline Richard Jolline Richard $3,175
4th Jon Miller Jon Miller $2,840
5th Brad Towner Brad Towner $2,500
6th Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $2,088
7th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $1,637
8th Andrew Gergely Andrew Gergely $1,609
25th Peter Cortesis Peter Cortesis $1,435
9th Marcel Richard Marcel Richard $1,410
10th Tanner Bruce Tanner Bruce $1,325
11th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $1,290
12th Mike Basse Mike Basse $1,215
13th Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey $985
14th Natalie & Oliver Neville Natalie & Oliver Neville $955
15th Geoffrey Hesler Geoffrey Hesler $915
16th Paul Carter Paul Carter $860
17th Gino Ocampo Gino Ocampo $805
18th Roger Smith Roger Smith $780
19th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $750