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Rank Name Raised
74th Laura Henderson Laura Henderson $3,620.44
75th Rory Stewart Rory Stewart $3,614.69
76th Jim Miller Jim Miller $3,595.41
77th Debbie Barr Debbie Barr $3,569.33
78th Christopher Zottl Christopher Zottl $3,549.33
79th Robert Solomonson Robert Solomonson $3,547.37
80th Hans Peter Liechti Hans Peter Liechti $3,540
81st Douglas Carmody Douglas Carmody $3,539.60
82nd Rod Boulay Rod Boulay $3,536.18
83rd Howard Evans Howard Evans $3,519.94
84th Alexander Quinn Alexander Quinn $3,497.28
85th Mike Stacey Mike Stacey $3,450.16
86th John Tentomas John Tentomas $3,446.84
87th Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $3,433.63
88th Curtis Chamberlayne Curtis Chamberlayne $3,432
89th Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $3,421.19
90th Roman Molodynia Roman Molodynia $3,415
91st Joan Coffin Joan Coffin $3,402.28
92nd David Greenwell David Greenwell $3,383.52
93rd Ron Galbraith Ron Galbraith $3,381.66