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Rank Name Raised
74th Jack Mailloux Jack Mailloux $1,490
75th David Perry David Perry $1,480
76th Lynn Walks Lynn Walks $1,460
77th Beth Johns Beth Johns $1,430
77th Rudy Hollemans Rudy Hollemans $1,430
79th Alan Lambshead Alan Lambshead $1,405
80th Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin $1,395
81st Mary Oliver Mary Oliver $1,385
82nd Amanda Dench Amanda Dench $1,370
83rd Suzanne Guillemette Suzanne Guillemette $1,355
84th Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker $1,350
84th Laci Farczadi Laci Farczadi $1,350
84th Patty Hawrish Patty Hawrish $1,350
84th Shane Alfreds Shane Alfreds $1,350
84th Wayne Coristine Wayne Coristine $1,350
89th Kevin Rowe Kevin Rowe $1,345
90th Chuck Salmon Chuck Salmon $1,330
90th John Murdoch John Murdoch $1,330
92nd Jason Smith Jason Smith $1,320
93rd Arlene White Arlene White $1,310