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Rank Name Raised
78th Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira $600
81st Tyson Loeppky Tyson Loeppky $590
82nd Jeremy Brand Jeremy Brand $580
82nd Jorin Green Jorin Green $580
82nd Kelvin Stanke Kelvin Stanke $580
85th Leonard Bardwell Leonard Bardwell $570
86th Michael Goldade Michael Goldade $560
87th Cathy Demone Blais Cathy Demone Blais $555
88th Jim Curry Jim Curry $550
88th Taylor Montgomery Taylor Montgomery $550
90th Cathie Mulroy Cathie Mulroy $535
90th Michelle Hourihan Michelle Hourihan $535
90th Rebecca DuChampagne Rebecca DuChampagne $535
93rd Jenna Manuel Jenna Manuel $530
94th Terry McClean Terry McClean $510
95th Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $505
95th Jessayah Vienneau Jessayah Vienneau $505
97th Ann McDonald Ann McDonald $500
97th Chris Waterhouse Chris Waterhouse $500
97th David Kelton David Kelton $500