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Rank Name Raised
N/A Valerie Barber Costello Valerie Barber Costello $0
N/A Valerie J. Froese Valerie J. Froese $0
N/A Valerie Jenkins Valerie Jenkins $0
N/A valerie king valerie king $0
N/A Valerie Kula Valerie Kula $0
N/A Valerie Lefrancois Valerie Lefrancois $0
N/A Valerie Leonard Valerie Leonard $0
N/A Valerie McMane Rosenblatt Valerie McMane Rosenblatt $0
N/A Valerie Monette Valerie Monette $0
N/A Valerie Rich Sparrow Valerie Rich Sparrow $0
N/A Valerie Richards Valerie Richards $0
N/A Valerie Rozwadowski Valerie Rozwadowski $0
N/A Valerie St-Georges Valerie St-Georges $0
N/A Valerie Wilson Valerie Wilson $0
N/A Valerie Wiser Valerie Wiser $0
N/A Valetta Colbourne Valetta Colbourne $0
N/A Vamsidhar Devireddy Vamsidhar Devireddy $0
N/A Vanesa Lopez Vanesa Lopez $0
N/A Vanessa Ascher Vanessa Ascher $0
N/A Vanessa Fedorkiw Vanessa Fedorkiw $0