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Rank Name Raised
N/A Charles Decorruee Charles Decorruee $0
N/A Chris Ramsay Chris Ramsay $0
N/A Christian Inostroza Christian Inostroza $0
N/A Christina Teskey Christina Teskey $0
N/A Corinne Quinlan Corinne Quinlan $0
N/A Dakota Harper Dakota Harper $0
N/A Darrell Asham Darrell Darrell Asham Darrell $0
3035th Dave White Dave White $454.17
N/A David Dube David Dube $0
3462nd David Hall David Hall $351.07
N/A David Prairie David Prairie $0
N/A Dee McCormack Dee McCormack $0
N/A Derek Redwood Derek Redwood $0
N/A Desiree Morriseau Desiree Morriseau $0
N/A Diana Sapozhnikov Diana Sapozhnikov $0
N/A Dylan Hrytsay Dylan Hrytsay $0
96th Edward McGurran Edward McGurran $2,956.40
N/A Edwin Kandic Edwin Kandic $0
N/A Eric Chouinard Eric Chouinard $0
N/A Esteban Guevin Esteban Guevin $0