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Rank Name Raised
4185th Phil Desmarais Phil Desmarais $205.65
207th Hans Peter Liechti Hans Peter Liechti $2,131.64
64th Patrick Collins Patrick Collins $3,435.99
2330th Peter Cluett Peter Cluett $551.07
158th Karen Briard Karen Briard $2,406.65
446th Matt Gagliardi Matt Gagliardi $1,483.76
318th Brent St. John Brent St. John $1,758.96
4709th Steve Hemstead Steve Hemstead $140.96
4683rd Jason Chau Jason Chau $145
6314th Al Pruden Al Pruden $35
366th Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova $1,625
1413th Jeff Dawson Jeff Dawson $770
1287th Jason Rainville Jason Rainville $812.88
905th Davin Orde Davin Orde $994.06
5017th Hannah Connon Hannah Connon $116.92
219th Gord Oliver Gord Oliver $2,071.22
N/A Chad Dalrymple Chad Dalrymple $0
77th John Donnelly John Donnelly $3,213.11
1451st Graham Collier Graham Collier $757.78
5352nd Jenna Gascho Jenna Gascho $95.96