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Rank Name Raised
76th Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $3,213.63
2954th Dave White Dave White $454.17
6676th Alejandro Fuentes Alejandro Fuentes $32.77
N/A Tony Garone Tony Garone $0
285th Laci Farczadi Laci Farczadi $1,841.60
281st Grant Tomchuk Grant Tomchuk $1,850
1259th Adrian Greenwood Adrian Greenwood $819.26
646th Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes $1,179.92
5934th Tamsin Douglas Tamsin Douglas $50
2201st Richard Faber Richard Faber $576.40
7032nd Wade Basson Wade Basson $16.38
1795th Eugene Vandal Eugene Vandal $660
2nd Paul Plowman Paul Plowman $10,106.13
427th Owen Hughes Owen Hughes $1,520.03
521st garry fidler garry fidler $1,333.87
868th Barry Palik Barry Palik $1,007.34
422nd Alexis Anastas Alexis Anastas $1,527.67
N/A Emily Arco Dulay Graves Emily Arco Dulay Graves $0
301st Jorin Green Jorin Green $1,809.29
N/A Cam Lirondelle Cam Lirondelle $0