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Rank Name Raised
N/A Aaron Cassels Aaron Cassels $0
N/A Aditya Bhatia Aditya Bhatia $0
N/A Adrienne Heskett Adrienne Heskett $0
N/A Aftab Hirani Aftab Hirani $0
N/A Aiden Yao Aiden Yao $0
N/A Ainsley Hobart Ainsley Hobart $0
N/A Alabre Pascale Alabre Pascale $0
N/A Alex Hawkins Alex Hawkins $0
N/A Alexander Priddle Alexander Priddle $0
N/A Alicia Chenier Alicia Chenier $0
N/A Allan Hall Allan Hall $0
N/A Alline Fekete Alline Fekete $0
N/A Amanda Winchester Amanda Winchester $0
N/A Amy Campbell Amy Campbell $0
N/A Andi Al-Hanuna Andi Al-Hanuna $0
N/A Andrea Dowling Andrea Dowling $0
N/A Andrea Laur Andrea Laur $0
N/A Andrea Nillson Andrea Nillson $0
N/A Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $0
N/A Andrew Graham Andrew Graham $0