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Rank Name Raised
298th Don Ross Don Ross 5years $3,594
1998th Eric Dare Eric Dare 3years $1,164
489th Kimberly Scott Kimberly Scott $2,895
1749th Warren Goertzen Warren Goertzen 5years $1,283
1908th Sean MacCormack Sean MacCormack 3years $1,201
359th Ladine Harley Ladine Harley 2years $3,291
7575th Curtis Gilbert Curtis Gilbert $71
2922nd Darren Madley Darren Madley $859
147th Bill GREGORASH Bill GREGORASH $5,015
3936th Reginald Decoste Reginald Decoste 3years $633
5669th Gurraj Singh Virk Gurraj Singh Virk $318
N/A Drew Tanner Nicholson Drew Tanner Nicholson $0
250th Carl Suggitt Carl Suggitt $3,956
2119th Olivia Besanger Olivia Besanger 3years $1,115
3243rd Rory Vitorillo Rory Vitorillo 3years $772
946th Evan Batcup Evan Batcup 2years $1,927
94th Mark Warren Mark Warren 7years $5,801
2977th Emmanuel Garrovillas Emmanuel Garrovillas 4years $844
N/A Jerry Adamek Jerry Adamek $0
N/A Lester Wong Lester Wong 2years $0