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Rank Name Raised
21st Diane Declercq Diane Declercq 4years $10,793
22nd David Walsh David Walsh 2years $10,655
23rd Patricia Ambrose Patricia Ambrose 2years $10,641
24th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells 5years $10,339
25th Jean Gagnon Jean Gagnon 4years $10,244
26th Brad Leggett Brad Leggett 3years $10,174
27th Akif Siddiqui Akif Siddiqui $10,104
28th Colleen Trimble Schneider Colleen Trimble Schneider 3years $9,731
29th Greg Jodoin Greg Jodoin $9,505
30th Michael Williams Michael Williams 3years $9,451
31st Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami 3years $9,007
32nd Paulette Fowell Paulette Fowell 2years $8,864
33rd Kolten and Keegan Davis Kolten and Keegan Davis 2years $8,842
34th Carla Dahlen Carla Dahlen $8,774
35th Ron Davidson Ron Davidson $8,733
36th Peter Hrastovec Peter Hrastovec 3years $8,584
37th Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie 4years $8,540
38th Kendra Le Page Kendra Le Page $8,448
39th Elwood Delaney Elwood Delaney 4years $8,423
40th Amy Jasper Amy Jasper 5years $8,421