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Rank Name Raised
158th Paul Stanley Paul Stanley $1,340
160th Janet Holden Janet Holden $1,335
161st Mélanie Gagnon Mélanie Gagnon $1,330
162nd Janice Buyers Janice Buyers $1,325
162nd Keegan Mifsud Keegan Mifsud $1,325
164th Simmons Kwan Simmons Kwan $1,320
165th Anita De Iure Anita De Iure $1,315
165th Jamie Maillet Jamie Maillet $1,315
167th Maureen McMahon Maureen McMahon $1,310
167th Nolan Nicholas Nolan Nicholas $1,310
169th Alberto Della Porta Alberto Della Porta $1,308
170th Davey Jay Davey Jay $1,305
170th Paul Attack Paul Attack $1,305
172nd Mona Ganesh Mona Ganesh $1,300
172nd Nancy Sieber Nancy Sieber $1,300
172nd Ron Mauro Ron Mauro $1,300
175th Lori Gershon Lori Gershon $1,295
176th Andrew Tweedy Andrew Tweedy $1,290
176th Mohammad Zolmajd Mohammad Zolmajd $1,290
178th Parker Smith Parker Smith $1,285