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Rank Name Raised
N/A Heather Silver Heather Silver $0
N/A Ian Middleton Ian Middleton $0
N/A Irene Wasilewski Irene Wasilewski $0
N/A Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $0
N/A Jason A. Hughes Jason A. Hughes $0
N/A Jason Columbus Jason Columbus $0
N/A Jason Gosnay Jason Gosnay $0
N/A Jen Steffler Jen Steffler $0
N/A Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor $0
N/A Jérémie Lamothe Gémus Jérémie Lamothe Gémus $0
N/A Jeremie Lamothe-Gemus Jeremie Lamothe-Gemus $0
N/A Jesse Wiesblatt Jesse Wiesblatt $0
N/A Jesse Wiesblatt Jesse Wiesblatt $0
N/A John Finley John Finley $0
N/A John Mackey John Mackey $0
N/A John McQuaid John McQuaid $0
N/A Jonathan Low Jonathan Low $0
N/A Josie Dinsmore Josie Dinsmore $0
N/A Josué Thervil Josué Thervil $0
N/A Juanita Maillet Juanita Maillet $0