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Rank Name Raised
1084th Enrique Tan Enrique Tan 5years $1,148
3928th Victoria Cameron Victoria Cameron $409
4959th Rodolfo Jr Divinagracia Rodolfo Jr Divinagracia 2years $259
3698th Andrew Morency Andrew Morency 2years $455
1289th Bruce Percey Bruce Percey $1,046
3684th Sasha Hunter Sasha Hunter 4years $459
N/A Felix Cousineau Felix Cousineau 2years $0
N/A Mike Ebacher Mike Ebacher 3years $0
2624th Joseph Arbour Joseph Arbour 2years $616
565th George Catchpole George Catchpole 2years $1,658
596th Laurie Morphy Laurie Morphy 4years $1,618
1010th Paul Ramalho Paul Ramalho 3years $1,200
481st Giuseppe Joe Manchisi Ca Giuseppe Joe Manchisi Ca 2years $1,858
636th Gordon Williams Gordon Williams 5years $1,561
N/A Anthony Wu Anthony Wu $0
2467th steve wright steve wright $647
1240th Andi Al-Hanuna Andi Al-Hanuna 6years $1,069
5593rd Carlee Glendenning Carlee Glendenning 3years $179
5983rd Gaetan Hache Gaetan Hache $135
55th Ray Bock Ray Bock 3years $4,523