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Rank Name Raised
2552nd William Shirk William Shirk 3years $1,000
2825th Gilberto Gilberto De La Rosa Gilberto Gilberto De La Rosa 2years $887
3027th Kevin Ramos Kevin Ramos $831
856th Frankie Cambria Frankie Cambria 2years $2,053
647th O.J. Wagontall O.J. Wagontall $2,552
1461st Rhéaume Rochefort Rhéaume Rochefort 2years $1,451
8411th Ferran Capco Ferran Capco 2years $21
262nd Roel Bus Roel Bus 7years $3,832
5341st Pam North Pam North $415
N/A Alex Garcia Ximenes Quintans Alex Garcia Ximenes Quintans 2years $0
3338th Derek Abbotts Derek Abbotts 3years $754
813th Joe Myers Joe Myers $2,129
5099th Jackie Eddy Jackie Eddy 3years $500
194th Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin 7years $4,368
2195th Terry Duncan Terry Duncan 3years $1,094
7935th Darrell Hees Darrell Hees 3years $36
2214th Kirsten Engelbrecht Kirsten Engelbrecht $1,089
6063rd Daniel Baggaley Daniel Baggaley $237
3250th Lee Peters Lee Peters 3years $771
7377th Barbara Polehoykie Barbara Polehoykie 5years $83