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Rank Name Raised
256th Jordyn Guichon Jordyn Guichon 3years $2,684
257th David Standing David Standing $2,677
258th Janelle Moskal Janelle Moskal 5years $2,662
259th Raymond Wood Raymond Wood 4years $2,658
260th Jennifer Di Virgilio Jennifer Di Virgilio $2,656
261st Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld 6years $2,654
262nd Sal Valvo Sal Valvo 2years $2,645
263rd Wendy Miller Wendy Miller $2,645
264th Gordon Lee Gordon Lee 2years $2,639
265th Alvaro Almeida Alvaro Almeida 2years $2,636
266th Peter Leung Peter Leung $2,626
267th Tracey Nelson Tracey Nelson 7years $2,623
268th Colin Keefe Colin Keefe 2years $2,615
269th Gary Calicdan Gary Calicdan 2years $2,613
270th Nathan Proud Nathan Proud 2years $2,602
271st Susan Ohannesian Susan Ohannesian 4years $2,602
272nd Johanne Plante Johanne Plante $2,601
273rd Ron Danis Ron Danis 3years $2,600
274th Kenny Chan Kenny Chan $2,598
275th Peter Leiss Peter Leiss 4years $2,593