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Rank Name Raised
6750th Leiyandreau Anthoine Allana Leiyandreau Anthoine Allana 2years $130
90th Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze 4years $5,944
N/A Logan Cobham Logan Cobham 2years $0
3003rd Michael Jones Michael Jones 3years $838
2579th Mike Cobb Mike Cobb 4years $983
474th Oscar Zhen Oscar Zhen 2years $2,932
7905th Phil Desmarais Phil Desmarais 6years $41
N/A Pierre-Olivier Émond Pierre-Olivier Émond 4years $0
N/A Rachel Richer Rachel Richer 3years $0
1029th Richard Henry Richard Henry 7years $1,816
N/A Ryan Gravis Ryan Gravis 7years $0
6596th Sanel Ahmic Sanel Ahmic 4years $154
N/A Taylor Partel Taylor Partel $0
N/A Thomas Osadchy Thomas Osadchy 2years $0
2150th Vince Filo-Carroll Vince Filo-Carroll 2years $1,107
1035th Hudson Boisvert Hudson Boisvert 2years $1,812
1240th Adrian Richards Adrian Richards 2years $1,609
81st Lorne Duke Lorne Duke 4years $6,164
N/A Bryan Shanks Bryan Shanks $0
4186th Christopher Brooks Christopher Brooks 3years $594