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Rank Name Raised
232nd Madelyn Cross Madelyn Cross 4years $2,829
233rd Marie Johnstone Marie Johnstone 2years $2,823
234th David Magallon David Magallon $2,816
235th Jeff Wiebe Jeff Wiebe $2,807
236th Lucie Robichaud Lucie Robichaud 2years $2,807
237th Liz Elkin Liz Elkin 4years $2,803
238th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask 6years $2,801
239th Mehrdad Samani Mehrdad Samani $2,788
240th Shannon Valliant Shannon Valliant 2years $2,769
241st Steven Bedford Steven Bedford 2years $2,764
242nd Laura Allen Laura Allen 2years $2,754
243rd Diane Walker Diane Walker $2,751
244th Marie Skelding Marie Skelding 4years $2,746
245th Joan Down Joan Down $2,745
246th Karen Briard Karen Briard 6years $2,739
247th Sophie Pommainville Sophie Pommainville 3years $2,736
249th Joe Klassen Joe Klassen $2,719
250th Timothy Foster Timothy Foster 3years $2,715
251st Stephanie Kouyoumdjian Stephanie Kouyoumdjian 2years $2,714