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Rank Name Raised
215th Ryan Church Ryan Church 2years $1,025
216th Janet Gilmour Janet Gilmour 4years $1,022
217th Linda Moore Linda Moore 5years $1,022
218th Harry Hester Harry Hester 6years $1,017
219th Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra 3years $1,016
220th Chaslyn Hastings Chaslyn Hastings 3years $1,016
221st Dianne Trask Dianne Trask 6years $1,014
222nd Wesley Arnott Wesley Arnott 4years $1,014
223rd Lee Manley Lee Manley $1,007
224th Ray Bock Ray Bock 3years $1,006
225th Gordon Reed Gordon Reed 3years $1,004
226th Wyatt Johnston Wyatt Johnston $1,004
227th Pat Coad Pat Coad 2years $1,003
228th Drago Pavletic Drago Pavletic 2years $1,003
229th Jeff Healy Jeff Healy $1,002
N/A Parsa Sam Parsa Sam $0
230th Rex Fung Rex Fung $1,001
231st Danièle Leroux Danièle Leroux 2years $1,001
232nd Jesse Royce Jesse Royce 2years $1,000
233rd Kyle Colautti Kyle Colautti 6years $1,000