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Rank Name Raised
5987th Andrew Ivory Andrew Ivory $252
291st Betty Lukey Betty Lukey 3years $3,627
N/A Bryan Labchuk Bryan Labchuk $0
N/A Chelsea Fortier Chelsea Fortier 2years $0
1170th Darren Mallette Darren Mallette 3years $1,680
632nd Dave Brougham Dave Brougham $2,571
3192nd Don Durrel BIZOZA Don Durrel BIZOZA 2years $787
N/A Drew Tanner Nicholson Drew Tanner Nicholson $0
N/A Dustin Parkes Dustin Parkes $0
N/A Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe 4years $0
N/A Eric Williams Eric Williams 2years $0
2661st Eugene Vandal Eugene Vandal 3years $940
N/A Felix Cousineau Felix Cousineau 2years $0
4th Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell 7years $31,196
1018th Jeffrey Zuber Jeffrey Zuber 3years $1,824
429th Jorin Green Jorin Green 5years $3,058
1394th Kevin Turcotte Kevin Turcotte 2years $1,493
489th Kimberly Scott Kimberly Scott $2,895
1356th Larry Sangestini Larry Sangestini 6years $1,513
3252nd Lee Peters Lee Peters 3years $771