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Rank Name Raised
159th Andre Vautour Andre Vautour 3years $1,196
160th Anthony Ruta Anthony Ruta 4years $1,187
161st Leslie Sansalone Leslie Sansalone $1,180
162nd Mike Janssen Mike Janssen 2years $1,179
23rd Michael Rilstone Michael Rilstone 2years $1,178
163rd John Pfeffer John Pfeffer 6years $1,176
164th Nancy Rantz Nancy Rantz 4years $1,176
165th KATHY MacNeil KATHY MacNeil 5years $1,173
166th Chad Fenrick Chad Fenrick 2years $1,171
167th Guy Farb Guy Farb 2years $1,169
168th Harvie HURD Harvie HURD $1,166
169th Michael Williams Michael Williams 4years $1,166
170th Darcy Welsch Darcy Welsch 7years $1,164
171st Susan Rattray Susan Rattray $1,163
172nd Christian Tait Christian Tait $1,156
173rd Jackie Wallan Jackie Wallan $1,154
174th Micheal Baxter Micheal Baxter $1,153
175th Sylvie Bernier Sylvie Bernier 3years $1,148
176th Diane Norris Diane Norris 4years $1,144
177th Glenn Gardner Glenn Gardner 2years $1,143