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Rank Name Raised
37th Jamie Steele Jamie Steele $165
39th Peter Cannon Peter Cannon $160
N/A LeBlanc Scott LeBlanc Scott $155
40th Amanda Huxter Amanda Huxter $150
40th Anthony Ruta Anthony Ruta $150
40th Deborah Mitchell Deborah Mitchell $150
40th Tai Munro Tai Munro $150
44th Mark Ferguson Mark Ferguson $140
45th Clint Millar Clint Millar $135
45th Janine Perrault Janine Perrault $135
47th Karen Malone Karen Malone $134
48th Chris Olmstead Chris Olmstead $130
48th Melissa Toffolon Melissa Toffolon $130
48th Ryan Berniquer Ryan Berniquer $130
51st Alex Tulin Alex Tulin $125
51st Colin Climie Colin Climie $125
51st Nancy Goodridge Nancy Goodridge $125
51st Scott mURPHY Scott mURPHY $125
55th Jason Becker Jason Becker $120
55th Jesse Swackhammer Jesse Swackhammer $120