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Rank Name Raised
133rd Eric L Gunderson Eric L Gunderson $35
N/A Erin Payton Erin Payton $0
N/A Ernest Maputol Ernest Maputol $0
N/A Eugene Shershnev Eugene Shershnev $0
N/A Helen Laity Helen Laity $0
N/A Isaac Trynda Isaac Trynda $0
N/A Jared Button Jared Button $0
N/A Jason Cutting Jason Cutting $0
N/A Jayden Dhaliwal Jayden Dhaliwal $0
N/A Jean Parks Jean Parks $0
N/A Jeff Wiebe Jeff Wiebe $0
62nd Joanne Chartrand Joanne Chartrand $100
N/A John Downes John Downes $0
N/A Julian Navaratnam Julian Navaratnam $0
N/A Julian Sale Julian Sale $0
N/A Katelyn Smith Katelyn Smith $0
N/A Katharine Young Katharine Young $0
169th Ken Maher Ken Maher $20
N/A Mark Clarabut Mark Clarabut $0
N/A Mathew Gill Mathew Gill $0