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Rank Name Raised
286th Clint Allen Clint Allen $1,790
578th Don Vogt Don Vogt $1,300
3922nd Joseph Ford Joseph Ford $500
728th Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes $1,174
559th Shane Hampton Shane Hampton $1,315
7691st Andrew Lambert Andrew Lambert $70
381st Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey $1,580
5892nd Glenn Sloman Glenn Sloman $170
4060th Michael Skidmore Michael Skidmore $350
6303rd Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera $140
2922nd Cindy Card Cindy Card $530
5818th Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes $175
6385th Mike Norsworthy Mike Norsworthy $135
1319th Geoffrey Hesler Geoffrey Hesler $850
4656th Amanda Lee Amanda Lee $275
590th Jeffrey Zuber Jeffrey Zuber $1,295
2696th Bradley Duguay Bradley Duguay $555
N/A Carol Best Carol Best $0
N/A Adam Baxter Adam Baxter $0
304th Myles J. Witt Myles J. Witt $1,740