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Rank Name Raised
20th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $235
21st Sanj P Sanj P $220
22nd Sam Starr Sam Starr $215
23rd David Campbell David Campbell $210
24th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $209
25th Dan Dickey Dan Dickey $208
26th Daniella Novak Daniella Novak $200
26th Sharon Hoben Sharon Hoben $200
28th Andrew Lilly Andrew Lilly $195
29th Claire McInroy Claire McInroy $170
29th Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami $170
31st Geoffrey Hesler Geoffrey Hesler $155
32nd Elena Pollarolo Elena Pollarolo $150
32nd Joanna Battler Joanna Battler $150
32nd Linda Westra-Tolsma Linda Westra-Tolsma $150
32nd Robbie Sevilla Robbie Sevilla $150
32nd Ryan Dupuis Ryan Dupuis $150
37th Bob Davidson Bob Davidson $140
38th Joshua Bojahra Joshua Bojahra $135
38th Mike Levy Mike Levy $135