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Rank Name Raised
41st Jay Chenier Jay Chenier $1,100
41st Ron Niville Ron Niville $1,100
43rd Carla Piccotti Carla Piccotti $1,075
44th Janet Gilmour Janet Gilmour $1,040
45th Matt Ireson Matt Ireson $1,035
46th Lannie Mugleston Lannie Mugleston $1,015
47th Cory Alyea Cory Alyea $1,010
48th Dave Irwin Dave Irwin $990
49th Melanie Fox Melanie Fox $985
49th zac pregent zac pregent $985
51st Peter du Toit Peter du Toit $980
52nd Adrienne Young Adrienne Young $955
53rd Martin Durocher Martin Durocher $945
53rd Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $945
55th Liana Brown Liana Brown $940
56th Hubert Gauthier Hubert Gauthier $920
57th Charlene Organ Charlene Organ $910
57th Mariel Joy Oberez Mariel Joy Oberez $358
57th Terry McClean Terry McClean $910
59th Victoria Fraser Victoria Fraser $900