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Rank Name Raised
61st Justin Chan Justin Chan $2,105
62nd Adam Coombs Adam Coombs $2,075
63rd Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $2,070
64th Pat Brand Pat Brand $2,066
65th Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $2,060
66th Andre Laurent Andre Laurent $2,050
67th Keith Stewart Keith Stewart $2,036
68th Melanie Fox Melanie Fox $2,025
69th Andrew Clarke Andrew Clarke $2,021
70th Luke Lillicrop Luke Lillicrop $2,005
71st Brian Gibson Brian Gibson $2,000
71st Simmigill Virk Simmigill Virk $2,000
73rd Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $1,985
74th Mark Warren Mark Warren $1,965
75th Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $1,960
76th Breanne Watson Breanne Watson $1,945
77th Manisha Gosain Manisha Gosain $1,925
78th Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $1,915
79th Marc Girard Marc Girard $1,900
80th Bonnie Prince Bonnie Prince $1,895