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Rank Name Raised
41st Olivier Gendron Olivier Gendron $2,165
42nd William Southcott William Southcott $2,155
43rd Harrison Probst Harrison Probst $2,135
44th Dr. Lorne Sokol Dr. Lorne Sokol $2,113
45th Michael Giordano Michael Giordano $2,109
46th G Gill G Gill $2,102
47th Adam Coombs Adam Coombs $2,075
48th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $2,070
49th Marlon Da Silva Marlon Da Silva $2,055
50th Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $2,035
51st Simmigill Virk Simmigill Virk $2,000
52nd Mark Warren Mark Warren $1,965
53rd Andre Laurent Andre Laurent $1,920
54th Luke Lillicrop Luke Lillicrop $1,905
55th Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin $1,903
56th Pat Brand Pat Brand $1,896
57th Breanne Watson Breanne Watson $1,895
58th Marc Girard Marc Girard $1,875
58th Melanie Fox Melanie Fox $1,875
58th Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $1,875