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Rank Name Raised
38th Brian Whitworth Brian Whitworth 3years $9,333
39th Sean Moore Sean Moore 5years $9,262
40th John Derrick John Derrick $9,138
41st David Pulla David Pulla 2years $8,566
42nd Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera 5years $8,562
43rd Bob Loney Bob Loney 2years $8,500
44th Wayne Burke Wayne Burke $8,267
45th Joe Paquette Joe Paquette $8,251
45th Kathleen Thibodeau Kathleen Thibodeau $4,266
46th Nancy Friessen Nancy Friessen $8,228
47th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis 6years $8,175
48th Hassan Muhammad Hassan Muhammad 2years $7,948
49th Nathan Carter Nathan Carter 2years $7,943
50th Lana Olsen Lana Olsen 3years $7,710
51st Henry Dryfhout Henry Dryfhout $7,710
52nd Paulette Fowell Paulette Fowell 3years $7,688
53rd Lori Bakken Lori Bakken 6years $7,602
54th Mark Chedrawe Mark Chedrawe 2years $7,531
55th Brendon Thiessen Brendon Thiessen 6years $7,387
56th Ray Bock Ray Bock 3years $7,366