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Rank Name Raised
21st David Walsh David Walsh 3years $2,980
22nd Johnny Birkd Johnny Birkd $2,950
23rd Patricia Thornton Patricia Thornton 3years $2,942
24th ChrisandHarrie Van Hees ChrisandHarrie Van Hees 2years $2,917
25th Natalie Leger Natalie Leger $2,912
26th PRITI SHAH PRITI SHAH 2years $2,827
28th Lucia Olynyk Lucia Olynyk $2,742
29th Kelly Konechny Kelly Konechny $2,723
30th Aimee Connors Aimee Connors $2,723
31st Derrick J Grift Sr. Derrick J Grift Sr. $2,692
32nd Harry Pozdyk Harry Pozdyk 2years $2,666
33rd Martin Male Martin Male 2years $2,652
34th Charlotte Wilson Charlotte Wilson 2years $2,647
35th Alistair Littlejohn Alistair Littlejohn 5years $2,642
36th Gordon Lee Gordon Lee 2years $2,639
37th Kevin Tripp Kevin Tripp 2years $2,636
38th Michael Riley Michael Riley 2years $2,608
39th Anna Allman Anna Allman 5years $2,581
40th Ron Danis Ron Danis 3years $2,574