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Rank Name Raised
86th David Pulla David Pulla 2years $3,884
2922nd David Guy David Guy 2years $564
2154th Marg Dalton Marg Dalton 2years $725
138th Grace Bugg Grace Bugg 5years $3,392
366th Randy Hargrave Randy Hargrave 4years $2,170
6596th Pat Crashtestdummy Garand Pat Crashtestdummy Garand $98
2134th Mario Mathieu Mario Mathieu 6years $731
2833rd Pierre Chartier Pierre Chartier 3years $580
439th Dan Desgrosseilliers Dan Desgrosseilliers 3years $1,986
2171st Tyson Gash Tyson Gash 2years $722
1567th Deborah Fowler Deborah Fowler $1,064
2054th Jenn Pilat Jenn Pilat 2years $752
165th Sue Dewar Sue Dewar 7years $3,184
2096th Dawn Juneau Dawn Juneau 6years $742
3989th Marnie Jakab Marnie Jakab 4years $401
738th Oscar Zhen Oscar Zhen 2years $1,434
469th Mario Ramsay Mario Ramsay 3years $1,892
157th Al Muma Al Muma 3years $3,246
159th John Derrick John Derrick $3,213
1623rd Marg Milburn Marg Milburn 3years $900