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Rank Name Raised
N/A Moulay youssef Monsif Moulay youssef Monsif $0
3043rd Lesley Hung Lesley Hung $920
2795th Jim Mitchell Jim Mitchell $1,002
N/A Frank Yee Frank Yee $0
2207th Dom Kuliasa Dom Kuliasa $1,151
N/A James Shelton James Shelton $0
7809th Monica Manser Monica Manser $250
2491st Paul Leger Paul Leger $1,070
5541st Remi Parent Remi Parent $550
884th Marc Johnson Marc Johnson $2,020
1546th Susan Askin Susan Askin $1,432
22nd Dale Engen Dale Engen $9,096
301st Jorin Green Jorin Green $3,395
1368th Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes $1,541
1312th Matthew Zatzman Matthew Zatzman $1,569
7297th Victor Ceolin Victor Ceolin $328
289th Jesse English Jesse English $3,434
6580th Joseph Hall Joseph Hall $489
1110th David Woolley David Woolley $1,729
N/A Brandon Babcock Brandon Babcock $0