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Rank Name Raised
254th Heidi Shaw Heidi Shaw $405
254th Maxine Wood Maxine Wood $405
257th Fay Collier Fay Collier $400
257th Kevin Krause Kevin Krause $400
257th Robert Gagnon Robert Gagnon $400
260th Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $395
260th Phillip Tompkins Phillip Tompkins $395
260th simon stables simon stables $395
260th Tom Eckert Tom Eckert $395
264th Brad Gage Brad Gage $390
264th Deborah Law Deborah Law $390
264th Giselle Marchand Giselle Marchand $390
264th James Elliott James Elliott $390
264th Jason Joseph Jason Joseph $390
264th Lyne Caya Lyne Caya $390
264th Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $390
271st Brad Craig Brad Craig $385
271st Cedric Cahill Cedric Cahill $385
271st Clint Allen Clint Allen $385
271st Danielle Marchand Danielle Marchand $385