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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jayme Elizabeth Jayme Elizabeth $0
255th Keith Mayne Keith Mayne $1,087
256th Dave O'Brien Dave O'Brien $1,085
256th John Donnelly John Donnelly $1,085
N/A Carina Sanchez pacheco Carina Sanchez pacheco $0
258th Ian Waller Ian Waller $1,080
258th Mike Basse Mike Basse $1,080
260th Alistair Littlejohn Alistair Littlejohn $1,075
260th Dayna Daniels Dayna Daniels $1,075
262nd Brian King Brian King $1,070
262nd Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $1,070
264th Peter Leiss Peter Leiss $1,065
265th Patricia Graham Patricia Graham $1,061
266th Cody Babchuk Cody Babchuk $1,060
266th Glenn Davies Glenn Davies $1,060
266th John Mackinnon John Mackinnon $1,060
266th Shane Hampton Shane Hampton $1,060
270th Veronica Lau Veronica Lau $1,059
271st Stu Hoover Stu Hoover $1,055
271st William Cook William Cook $1,055