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Rank Name Raised
38th Michael Riley Michael Riley 2years $2,608
39th Anna Allman Anna Allman 5years $2,581
40th Ron Danis Ron Danis 3years $2,574
41st Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont 6years $2,561
42nd Brendon Stevenson Brendon Stevenson $2,549
43rd Julie Williams Julie Williams $2,527
44th Ian Foss Ian Foss 4years $2,500
44th Mike Ball Mike Ball $2,500
46th Suzette Henry-Savage Suzette Henry-Savage 3years $2,437
47th Scott Mcdevitt Scott Mcdevitt 2years $2,384
48th Nathan Proud Nathan Proud 2years $2,380
49th Tyler Ramsay Tyler Ramsay $2,378
50th Tony Giancola Tony Giancola $2,374
51st Jean Gagnon Jean Gagnon 5years $2,356
52nd Jennifer Di Virgilio Jennifer Di Virgilio $2,310
53rd Gary Calicdan Gary Calicdan 2years $2,251
54th Sara Caners Sara Caners 2years $2,241
55th Robert Poirier Robert Poirier 5years $2,238
56th Grace Belisle Grace Belisle $2,232
57th Jordan Golding Jordan Golding 2years $2,230