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Rank Name Raised
89th Michelle Buchanan Michelle Buchanan $50
N/A Mike Dumont Mike Dumont Mike Dumont Mike Dumont $0
N/A Mohammad Zolmajd Mohammad Zolmajd $0
N/A Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $0
N/A Patrice Boulianne Patrice Boulianne $0
N/A Perry Spencer Perry Spencer $0
N/A Rashmi Ramanna Rashmi Ramanna $0
44th Remi Parent Remi Parent $100
N/A Rene Galme Rene Galme $0
N/A Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $0
N/A Sami Reaz Sami Reaz $0
N/A Simmigill Virk Simmigill Virk $0
106th Steve Hunt Steve Hunt $35
106th Tommy Francis Tommy Francis $35
N/A Wayde Nie Wayde Nie $0
146th Wendy Dawn Wendy Dawn $20
N/A Brian Innes Brian Innes $0
N/A Nanci Simpson Nanci Simpson $0
N/A Breanne Watson Breanne Watson $0
N/A Andy Bakker Andy Bakker $0