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Rank Name Raised
N/A Janelle Ordonia Janelle Ordonia $0
N/A Janelle Ricci Janelle Ricci $0
N/A Janelle Sarzynski Janelle Sarzynski $0
N/A Janelle Schell Janelle Schell $0
N/A Janelle Van Leeuwen Janelle Van Leeuwen $0
N/A Janessa Zhang Janessa Zhang $0
N/A Janet Burchill Janet Burchill $0
N/A Janet Clarkson Janet Clarkson $0
N/A Janet Coulson Janet Coulson $0
N/A Janet Dahl-Freeman Janet Dahl-Freeman $0
N/A Janet Desloges Janet Desloges $0
N/A Janet Dwillies Janet Dwillies $0
N/A Janet Falconer Janet Falconer $0
N/A Janet Flather Janet Flather $0
N/A Janet Fleet Janet Fleet $0
N/A Janet Freeland Janet Freeland $0
N/A Janet Gusdal Janet Gusdal $0
N/A Janet Heikel Janet Heikel $0
N/A Janet Higgs Janet Higgs $0
N/A Janet Howard Janet Howard $0