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Rank Name Raised
N/A Vanessa Ritchie Vanessa Ritchie $0
N/A Vanessa Sanchez Vanessa Sanchez $0
N/A Vanessa Sears Vanessa Sears $0
N/A Vanessa Skinner Vanessa Skinner $0
N/A Vanessa Spingle Vanessa Spingle $0
N/A Vanessa VandeBrand Vanessa VandeBrand $0
N/A Vanessa-Mayura Jain-Fecteau Vanessa-Mayura Jain-Fecteau $0
N/A Vanjoeh Dellan Cruz Oliva Vanjoeh Dellan Cruz Oliva $0
N/A Vansh Aggarwal Vansh Aggarwal $0
N/A Vartan Ghazarian Vartan Ghazarian $0
N/A Varun Jain Varun Jain $0
N/A Varun Kawley Varun Kawley $0
N/A Vathsan Poopalaratnam Vathsan Poopalaratnam $0
N/A Ved Varshney Ved Varshney $0
N/A Veerjap Singh Veerjap Singh $0
N/A Veeru Kodavati Veeru Kodavati $0
N/A velika Heathcote velika Heathcote $0
N/A Velvet Logan Velvet Logan $0
N/A Vendula Parmar Vendula Parmar $0
N/A Venice Harrington Venice Harrington $0