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Rank Name Raised
N/A Chris Fost Chris Fost $0
N/A Chris Griffin Chris Griffin $0
N/A Chris Price Chris Price $0
N/A Chris Redekop Chris Redekop $0
N/A Christine Burns Christine Burns $0
N/A Christine Plume Christine Plume $0
N/A Cindy Risebrough Cindy Risebrough $0
N/A Clinton Myers Clinton Myers $0
N/A Cobi Fergusson Cobi Fergusson $0
N/A Connie Young Connie Young $0
N/A Corey Barrett Corey Barrett $0
N/A Cori Clyne-Jasper Cori Clyne-Jasper $0
N/A courtney carpenter courtney carpenter $0
N/A Cyprien Morisse Cyprien Morisse $0
N/A Dan Symes Dan Symes $0
N/A Daniel Savchuk Daniel Savchuk $0
N/A Danny Alhussamy Danny Alhussamy $0
N/A Danny Ellis Danny Ellis $0
N/A Darcy Welsch Darcy Welsch $0
N/A Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $0