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Rank Name Raised
N/A Breanna Hedley Breanna Hedley $0
N/A Brenda Chikoski Brenda Chikoski $0
N/A Brenda Lennax Brenda Lennax $0
N/A Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin $0
N/A Brendan Lowther Brendan Lowther $0
N/A Brett Janz Brett Janz $0
N/A Brian Berry Brian Berry $0
103rd Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $70
N/A Brian Geneau Brian Geneau $0
176th Brian Innes Brian Innes $20
70th Brian King Brian King $100
N/A Brian Reyniers Brian Reyniers $0
N/A Brian Schembri Brian Schembri $0
N/A Brittany Gotsch Brittany Gotsch $0
N/A Bryden Tait Bryden Tait $0
32nd Caleb Weatherbee Caleb Weatherbee $220
N/A Cam MacDonald Cam MacDonald $0
N/A Camelia Ulmeanu Camelia Ulmeanu $0
N/A Camilo Herrera Camilo Herrera $0
N/A Candy Chen Candy Chen $35