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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mike Trethewey Mike Trethewey $0
1451st Neale Robb Neale Robb $1,495
N/A Patrice Pelletier-Grenier Patrice Pelletier-Grenier $0
N/A Skylar Friesen Skylar Friesen $0
1375th Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes $1,541
N/A Tanjit Tiwana Tanjit Tiwana $0
N/A Vanora Millar Vanora Millar $0
2540th Geoffrey Hesler Geoffrey Hesler $1,058
9885th Greg Verellen Greg Verellen $70
N/A Joël Gagné Joël Gagné $0
N/A Léo Fortin Dionne Léo Fortin Dionne $0
N/A Owen Bennett Owen Bennett $0
839th Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes $2,080
274th Amanda Burchert Amanda Burchert $3,500
740th Stacey Turpin Stacey Turpin $2,301
1257th Sebastien Hebert Sebastien Hebert $1,614
N/A Amy Tucker Amy Tucker $0
N/A Ed Bergen Ed Bergen $0
4376th Jennifer Johns Jennifer Johns $686
N/A Vincent Cooper Vincent Cooper $0