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Rank Name Raised
195th Jeff D'Silva Jeff D'Silva $3,946
196th Alan Soever Alan Soever $3,941
197th Lorne Duke Lorne Duke $3,922
198th Maddison Cochrane Maddison Cochrane $3,883
198th Ryan Kuran Ryan Kuran $294
199th Ciaran O'Neill Ciaran O'Neill $3,871
200th Julien Beauchamp Julien Beauchamp $3,871
201st Tyler Dust Tyler Dust $3,865
202nd Tanner Dunkel Tanner Dunkel $3,859
203rd Carrie Ramsay Carrie Ramsay $3,855
204th Sharon Ansell-Moore Sharon Ansell-Moore $3,853
205th Chantelle Ritchie Chantelle Ritchie $3,850
205th Patricia Mark Patricia Mark $3,850
207th Sarah Smith Sarah Smith $3,848
208th Harold DeVries Harold DeVries $3,845
209th Curtis Hughes Curtis Hughes $3,831
210th Cory Li Cory Li $3,829
210th Paul Balsamo Paul Balsamo $165
211th Grace Bugg Grace Bugg $3,819
212th Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $3,805