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Rank Name Raised
177th Connie Scheibner Connie Scheibner $4,080
178th James Bennett James Bennett $4,063
179th Rasho Donchev Rasho Donchev $4,059
180th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $4,050
181st Mali Gou Mali Gou $4,050
182nd Perry Spencer Perry Spencer $4,040
183rd Amy Jasper Amy Jasper $4,034
183rd Dana Robinson Dana Robinson $2,169
184th Sean Moore Sean Moore $4,032
185th Peter Fusella Peter Fusella $4,030
186th Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera $4,014
187th Dan Desgrosseilliers Dan Desgrosseilliers $4,011
188th Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $4,008
189th Patrick Tighe Patrick Tighe $4,007
190th Micheline Delisle Micheline Delisle $695
190th Scott Mcdevitt Scott Mcdevitt $4,001
191st Breanne Watson Breanne Watson $4,000
192nd Amelia Macko Amelia Macko $4,000
192nd Phil Homerski Phil Homerski $4,000
194th Gareth Owain Gareth Owain $3,995