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Rank Name Raised
21st aleix dai aleix dai $8,911
22nd Peter Gotlieb Peter Gotlieb $8,908
23rd Strater Crowfoot Strater Crowfoot $8,820
24th Mahmoud Elkadri Mahmoud Elkadri $8,775
25th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $8,655
26th Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie $8,475
27th Scott Gooding Scott Gooding $8,383
28th Robert Potts Robert Potts $8,377
29th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $8,341
30th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $8,140
31st Paola Malandrino Paola Malandrino $6,650
31st Todd Woods Todd Woods $8,097
32nd Sean Kielly Sean Kielly $8,050
33rd Lisa Seatter Lisa Seatter $7,983
34th Alex Perel Alex Perel $7,924
35th Vince Galbraith Vince Galbraith $7,908
36th Dan Eickmeier Dan Eickmeier $7,880
37th Koti Veeranki Koti Veeranki $7,842
38th Wayne Maddix Wayne Maddix $7,791
39th Pete Grammatico Pete Grammatico $7,667