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Rank Name Raised
19th Michael Johnson Michael Johnson $35.10
20th Kristina Lee Kristina Lee $35
20th Mark Weisberg Mark Weisberg $35
22nd Lauren Gibbs Lauren Gibbs $34
23rd Glenn Oliver Glenn Oliver $27
24th SKF-Test3 Test SKF-Test3 Test $23.19
25th Murray Hartung Murray Hartung $20
26th Bob Smith Bob Smith $17
27th Margaret Evans Margaret Evans $6
28th McDonor Face 1 McDonor Face 1 $4.02
29th SKFtestDW SKFtestDW SKFtestDW SKFtestDW $3
30th besty bester besty bester $2
30th David Wong David Wong $2
32nd Overwrite Test Overwrite Test $1
N/A Aaron Cassels Aaron Cassels $0
N/A Ainsley Hobart Ainsley Hobart $0
N/A Alabre Pascale Alabre Pascale $0
N/A Alline Fekete Alline Fekete $0
N/A Andi Al-Hanuna Andi Al-Hanuna $0
N/A Andrea Dowling Andrea Dowling $0