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Rank Name Raised
270th Cedric Cahill Cedric Cahill $385
270th Clint Allen Clint Allen $385
270th Danielle Marchand Danielle Marchand $385
270th David Riggs David Riggs $385
270th Gord Henry Gord Henry $385
270th Michael Degeus Michael Degeus $385
270th Ramsay McCreary Ramsay McCreary $385
270th Rod Paul Rod Paul $385
279th Kevin Dunphy Kevin Dunphy $380
279th Ray Bock Ray Bock $380
281st Austin Carlson Austin Carlson $375
281st Peter Cannon Peter Cannon $375
281st Ray Auger Ray Auger $375
284th Greg Muir Greg Muir $370
284th Robert Hurst Robert Hurst $370
284th Robert Manolakos Robert Manolakos $370
284th Sanday Brown Sanday Brown $370
288th Alex Broesky Alex Broesky $365
288th Alex Huber Alex Huber $170
288th Anthony English Anthony English $365